About Me


I’m Ellie and this is my travel blog. It’s one of many out there so thank you for stopping by mine! This blog is mostly about backpacking, some camping & hiking trips, smaller “city breaks” and a bit on student life in Scotland, France and Germany. Unfortunately really random, I can’t really think of a recurring theme or “niche” for my blog…Oh well.



I’m from Frankfurt, Germany and first started travelling at 18, with a gap year in Australia (I know, I know who hasn’t done that?). That inevitably followed a couple of months in south-east Asia. Since then, I’ve started to study in Scotland, and went on exchanges (back) in Germany and in France. I love going off to live in a new place or going on any trip – even if it’s just for a day.

Why I started the blog

I’ve started a Digital┬áMarketing Masters in Scotland and need to make this blog/website for my course. I actually used to avoid reading┬átravel blogs or experience journals. I thought they would give me expectations that would never be met, or put me off an amazing place, or make me needlessly cautious.

However, after reading through at least 20 different travel blogs, I’ve found that they are wonderful ways to discover places through someone else’s eyes and so helpful to plan your next holiday. This blog also an outlet for all the travel photos gathering imaginary dust on my hard-drive.

Thanks for visiting!