Sydney to Melbourne Road Trip

Sydney to Melbourne Road Trip

After the first slightly unsuccessful trip to the Blue Mountains, I made my way to Melbourne in a Juicy campervan with some friends. The only reason we picked the company was because the colours are flashy. We had two weeks to get to Melbourne and then return to NSW to start a job on a farm, which we had landed through a stroke of luck by meeting a girl who worked there.

We made our way down along the coast, stopping along the way at National Parks, Batemans Bay and lots of abandoned beaches with no one in sight. The weather wasn’t really up to Australian standards and in Wilsons Promontory, our last stop, the wind was fierce. My friend and I slept on the roof of our rented van, in a low tent-like structure and we were sure it was going to blow off in the night.

The wildlife in the National Parks we visited was very confident, once a parrot flew straight into the van to find food. Wombats, of which there were always a couple to be found milling around in Wilsons Prom, even allowed you to pet them. You only had to be careful with leaving food out – apparently they are known for ripping open tents to get some nibbles.

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